JonNy gRovEs

When in doubt, wear a hat.


Jonny is a smart-thinking, highly-experienced Creative Director with over 20 years creating concept-driven marketing solutions for global clients.

After spending 10+ years honing his skills in the UK creative scene he moved to Tel Aviv and entered the world of Online Gaming where he has spent the last 10 years producing advertising, brand, social, product, UX/UI, customer journey, mobile and video for our gaming clients.

Educated as a Journalist, Jonny is pretty smart with words and specialises in providing marketing & technology based copywriting, delivering the client's message that talks to the right people.

When he's not in front of his Mac building creative stuff, he can usually be found hiding in the kids closet under the duvet waiting for one of the little monsters to find him… There, or strumming a badly drawn song on an out-of-tune guitar stomping his feet whilst wailing like an alley cat.

Art Direction & Design
App & Mobile design