Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs, POOOOOOOSTMAN!!!! Crumbs, Crumbs.


Zed is a fully integrated Notifications Specialist with strong background in delivery and trafficking within a creative environment.

Being the health freak that he is, Zed is responsible for daily fitness routines that are on a rotation basis with the staff. This fitness for the soul gives us that rejuvenating feeling that gets us back in the game when creative block hits.

With acutely developed crumb defenses, Zed is there in a second to save our blushes when our clumsy Creative Director mishandles his morning muffin in front of clients.

When he's not notifying deliveries or hoovering up crumbs, he can usually be found chasing Morris or licking to death various small children as they arrive back from school.

Delivery Notifications
Fitness Instruction
Crumb Hoovering