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Our Team Rules

No idea is a bad idea.

Team Rule
(No. 01)

Love what you do

There’s nothing worse than working on something you just don’t enjoy. Luckily, we can’t get enough of design. We eat, drink, and sleep creative.

Team Rule
(No. 02)

Relationships matter

We talk to our clients. Not just business, business, business — we go personal. We care about each other and we care about our clients.

Team Rule
(No. 03)

Collaboration is king

We take ownership of our projects, but we insist on working collaboratively, internally and externally with clients. All ideas have a right to exist. 

Team Rule
(No. 04)

Honesty is our policy

When the shit hits the fan, and occasionally it does, we don’t pass the buck. We investigate, understand, and clearly and honestly describe what happened.

Our Team

Partners —
We Love, We Create

Elinor Levi

Creative Director

A career of strategic positions across the start-up nation propelled Elinor to the forefront of the world of Online Gaming where has she spent the last 15 years heading up the creation of market changing products and services across all the major gaming verticals for the largest providers in the sector in both B2B and B2C environments.


With degrees in Business Management, Advertising and Psychology her unique set of educational qualifications and high level market sector experience has given our clients exceptional solutions to their sometimes perplexing marketing problems.


When she's not in front of her Mac strategizing and planning the next big thing, she can usually be found in the kitchen plating up MasterChef inspired dishes for her Foodie Instagram channel or instagraming the latest action figures for her loyal action figure following… There, or in the kids studio teaching them how to kill it Kandinski style or nail it like Mondrian.

Jonny Groves

Creative Director

After spending 10+ years honing his skills in the UK creative scene he moved to Tel Aviv and entered the world of Online Gaming where he has spent the last 10 years producing advertising, brand, social, product, UX/UI, customer journey, mobile and video for gaming clients.


Educated as a Journalist, Jonny is pretty smart with words and specialises in providing marketing & technology based copywriting, delivering the client's message that talks to the right people.


When he's not in front of his Mac building creative stuff, he can usually be found hiding in the kids closet under the duvet waiting for one of the little monsters to find him… There, or strumming a badly drawn song on an out-of-tune guitar stomping his feet whilst wailing like an alley cat.

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